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Fire Island National Seashore Scenic & Wildlife Photography 2010 Calendar Cover Welcome to FireIslandMen.com. We love Fire Island and are inspired by its natural beauty, and its unique gay and lesbian communities. Fire Island is considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches with secluded wilderness areas host to diverse ecosystems of native and migrating wildlife, plants and people. We consider it the best gay beach community in the NorthEast, the US and the world. The lives of thousands of gays, lesbians, bisexual, heterosexual and transgendered people from around the world are enriched each year by visiting Fire Island National Seashore and the gay and lesbian communities within its boundaries. FI is a natural paradise and a real blessing for those of us living so close in stressful New York City. See Fire Island to learn more about this fantasy island, its rich history, and how to go there. Fire Island is close, yet far enough from New York City that it may require quite an effort to get there. First time visitors should also visit our recommended Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines links to learn more about it and to make the most of their trip and stay. We highly recommend you read the entertaining and informative The Q Guide to Fire Island by Steve Weinstein.

What could be more American than the idea of a second chance, a fresh start, Act Two? It is embedded in the culture, the notion that you can reinvent yourself in every way. We encourage those seeking to reinvent, renew or heal themselves physically and spiritually to get away to Fire Island, slow down, find silent moments away from the crowds, and appreciate the serene life giving surroundings just steps away. A short walk along the beach or forests will inspire, re-energize and reconnect you to the web of life.

This is especially true for the artists, gay couples and gay immigrants from around the world who visit and live here every summer seeking the freedom, privacy and safety to enjoy the welcoming shores of Fire Island. But don't just take our word for it. Check out the breathtaking natural scenes from the pristine beaches and forests of Fire Island, New York by Leslaw Kumor. Featuring local wildlife captured in moments of raw beauty and harmony with this coastal environment.


Fire Island Weather

Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY
Last Update: 2:12pm Mar 4, 2015
Snow, Probability Of Precipitation: 100%Snow, Probability Of Precipitation: 90%Mostly SunnyPartly SunnyPartly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 20%Partly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 20%
Hi 38°F
Lo 26°F
Hi 28°F
Lo 14°F
Mostly Sunny
Hi 23°F
Lo 19°F
Partly Sunny
Hi 37°F
Lo 29°F
Partly Sunny
Hi 38°F
Lo 30°F
Partly Sunny
Hi 42°F
Lo 34°F

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